Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Starting off, First Guide

To start off the blog here on day one I thought I'd start by posting my first guide. Many of the guides will be focused around the Zerg race, as that is my favorite race to play, but I will post bits of information about general strategies and if the blog gains enough interest, strategies for Protoss/Terran.

This first guide is a very basic rushing build for Zerg. It may seem a little cheap at times (especially with the upcoming patch 1.1 which will nerf the Zealot's build speed) but it works in lower level leagues and can be a real time-saver if you want to face more challenging opponents. 

The way I (and most) people manage their build orders is by looking at supply, which is your total unit count (ex, 10/10 supply), and that is what will be used to determine when to build the next unit or structure.

May I introduce, the 6 Pool Zergling Rush.

Basic Description: An all in build that focuses on massing Zerglings quickly to off the opponent.\


=6/10 - spawning pool
=7/10 - zergling
=8/10 - zergling
=9/10 - zergling
=10/10 - zergling

-The moment your Zerglings pop (spawn) put them in two separate control groups by ctrl+1, ctrl+2. Then select all of them and do ctrl+3 if you need to focus your fire on one thing. Microing the Zerglings is the key to victory.

- Send all your Zerglings over to the enemies base as quickly as possible. From here on, your choice of attacks will rely on what the enemy has.

If the enemy has one or two basic units, attack them first with each of your control groups and proceed to their mineral line where their workers are and take them out. This will completely halt their economy and prevent them from building any more units which could possibly counter your Zerglings.

-If the enemy has no units and only one structure for building units destroy that quickly and proceed to the mineral field.

-If the enemy's base isn't there, you're in trouble. This happens when Terran players fly their Command Center to another mineral field. If this happens and you're on a small map, it should be relatively easy to find and take it out, with the time it took to do that he has halted all progress for producing anything and you can swoop in for a quick win.

-If the enemy has more units than you, your only hope is to strike their mineral field and take out their economy and hope that you can produce a few more Zerglings to get in there and really shake them up.

In the Even of a Failure:
The odds of winning after failing this rush are quite low, unless you can macro/micro well enough to produce units and transition into a new build (new build will be covered later). However, if you can produce enough Zerglings to cause some basic damage and you can keep the pressure on early in the game, you may win! Never let your opponent psych you out.

This build will most likely not work if:
-You have been scouted and the enemy sees your early Pool.

-The enemy base is walled off (meaning the choke point into their base is surrounded and not accessible by your units. There is a way around this which will be covered at a later point.

Check back tomorrow for more guides!


  1. All these starcraft blogs/guides make me want to play it. Too bad PC can't handle SC2. >_>

  2. Haha it's really great you should try and save up for a new PC!

  3. hey, the blue on blue text and bg makes it too hard to read!

  4. @The Loon; That makes two of us buddy. I've been meaning to pick this one up since SC1 was first released.

  5. Pretty nice strategy. I'm more of a Protoss guy myself though.

  6. or in other words : ZERG RUSH KEKEKEKEKE

    awesome blog dude, i tend to go for 13 pool 14 extractor, 21 hive

  7. I does not a gamer, still following and clicking and f5ing.

  8. Nice, always been asked to get into this game

  9. VERY HELPFUL!! thanks alot, showing my support

  10. This helps more than my guidebook haha thanks man.